Wißbrok Holzbau

Wooden windows

high quality – aesthetic – ecological

It is the little things that make perfection, but perfection is anything but a little thing.

– Sir Frederick Henry Royce –

high quality

Individually according to your wishes, we manufacture your customised window with the help of the most modern production processes, profound expertise and craftsmanship of our employees. We manufacture the windows in profile thicknesses of 68mm, 80mm and 92mm to meet your insulation and security needs.


It is not without reason that windows are called the eyes of the house. Through the variety of shapes and colours, windows decisively shape the face of the building and lend it style and character; they have come to function as a piece of furniture for the interior.


Environmental protection is close to our hearts, which is why we only use FSC or PEFC certified wood from our wood dealers and stand up for a sustainable use of resources.

Window construction must therefore be well thought out and planned, after all windows should survive decades of wind and weather – an investment in the future!

Enjoy an insight into our major projects as well as our special construction windows, which are part of everyday life for us.

Großprojekte Fenster