Wißbrok Holzbau

Company history

Come with us on a little journey through time!

1932 – 1974 Rudolf Wißbrok

1974 – 2004 Werner Wißbrok

2004 – heute Jens Wißbrok

On 21.11.1932, master carpenter Rudolf Wißbrok founded a carpentry and joinery business. In the following years, several journeymen were employed. At that time, all woodwork such as windows, doors, stairs, floors, roof construction, coffins and furniture was produced in-house.

At the beginning of the war in 1939, all employees were called up for military service. Only one returned from the turmoil of the war. With the end of the war in 1945, work in the factory was intensified again, mainly repair work was carried out on destroyed buildings.

After the workshop extension in 1955, building elements and roof constructions were manufactured for the most part.

The great demand in the construction sector necessitated a modernisation of the machinery and a further enlargement of the workshop in 1971.

In 1974, Rudolf Wißbrok handed over the business to his son Werner Wißbrok. Window and door production was further expanded in Augustdorf. The production of carpentry and staircases was moved to a branch in Detmold for rationalisation reasons.

His main focus was on carpentry, where timber frame houses, roof trusses, conservatories and balconies were manufactured. The second mainstay is the production of wooden windows and doors. This part of the business has been run by the current owner Jens Wißbrok since 1994 and has been continuously expanded.

Jens Wißbrok has been managing the company since 2004. Today, the most modern machine technology is used to produce high-quality building elements that meet all the requirements of heat, sound and burglary protection.